Young Nitros Football – Cape Town

The Young Nitros Football Club (YNFC) recently tied up a sponsorship deal, comprising of a full kit, with S Ismail Consulting Electrical Engineers (SICEE).

The kit included warm up jackets, full tracksuit and also a brand new Campeon Adidas playing kit.

YNFC was established around two months ago, when Chairman, Tauriq Hassen, felt that too many clubs were charging exorbitant playing fees and also offered very little for the player. The idea eventually started in a rundown tennis up in the hills of Bo-Kaap – starting with a group of around six boys, which today has grown into a fully operational club, with one senior side, an over 45 side and two junior teams.

Although YNFC is not currently registered with any League Football Association or even the main governing body of football, SAFA, YNFC’s management has plans to formerly get the new club registered.

YNFC’s management group has ambitions to run the club from their own home venue and will also look to offer their players the most competitive football, but at the same time enjoyment.
SICEE is an independent consulting engineering practice founded in 2004 in Cape Town, South Africa. SICEE designs and services are known for being innovative as well as practical. With an eye for detail and quality, SICEE delivers energy efficient and affordable solutions to its Clients. The company was founded by Ms Shafieqa Ismail Pr.Eng., an Electrical and Electronics Engineer, with over a decade of proven experience, SICEE is one of the first independently owned and operated consulting engineering enterprises owned and operated by a woman in South Africa.

The team is currently participating in the Summer Challenge Cup 2015, another brainchild of Mr Hassen, who also started the football events company called, Nitros Events – which will look to offer affordable but competitive football platforms for any teams across all age groups.

SICEE also made a contribution towards this initiative, paying for some of the operational costs – proudly agreeing to sponsor electricity and fully branded final venue for the Summer Challenge Cup 2015.

This new initiative has attracted the interest from teams all over Cape Town, some even competing in the National First Division (NFD), which is the second highest ranked league in the country.

Message from the Chairman of YNFC: “From the players, myself and the rest of my management group, I cannot express how well received this sponsorship deal was as it gave my club the opportunity to spread our name and create a solid platform to produce talent. When I came knocking at the door of Ms Ismail, I could not have imagined bringing this project this far, as everything in my head was not standing before me. It was all due to the funding efforts of SICEE that today I can proudly stand here and say that I have a football club to run. We are looking forward to making the company proud and hopefully assuring them that sponsoring such an initiative was the right choice to make.”

“Although I understand that this all relatively new to many of the players, I am committed and determined to make this project work.”

Prepared by the Chairman, Tauriq Hassen